Political Activity Report

Letter from the General Counsel
Aflac's Political Participation Program

Letter from the General Counsel

Aflac is firmly committed to good governance and corporate citizenship.  Part of this commitment involves being fully participatory in the democratic process.  Aflac, as stewards of the trust that our policyholders, employees, agents, shareholders and communities place in us, understands the importance of all of our constituencies having a voice to insure their rights and values are protected.  By engaging in the legislative process, we secure that voice for them. 

One important way in which this is done is through the Aflac Political Action Committee.  By directing corporate political contributions, in accordance with all applicable rules outlined in the Aflac Incorporated Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which includes board oversight, the Company fully engages in the political process. 

Aflac’s PAC is bipartisan, and all activities are transparent, subject to board oversight, and of the highest ethical standards as outlined by all governing laws.  Further rules of conduct are outlined in Aflac’s Political Participation Program document.

Thank you for your interest in Aflac and its engagement in the democratic process.

Audrey Boone Tillman, Executive Vice President
General Counsel

Investor Relations