Political Activity Report

Letter from the General Counsel
Aflac's Political Participation Program

Aflac's Political Participation Program

Aflac's political participation program supports candidates for federal and state offices.

Management and Oversight
The operational management of Aflac's bipartisan political action committee, Aflac Political Action Committee (Aflac PAC) is performed by the committee's Treasurer and Secretary as directed by the committee's Board of Directors. These officers are responsible for the solicitation of contributions to and the disbursement of funds from Aflac PAC consistent with applicable law, the Aflac PAC By-Laws and Aflac's contribution policy and criteria. In addition, Aflac PAC is subject to periodic internal audits, as well as external reviews by outside legal counsel.

Corporate contributions made by Aflac are reviewed by outside legal counsel for compliance with applicable campaign finance and related laws, and reviewed and approved by an Aflac Senior Vice President reporting directly to Aflac's General Counsel for consistency with Aflac's contribution policy and criteria.

The Corporate Governance Committee of the Board of Directors, which is composed of independent directors, monitors compliance with the overall policies, processes and contribution criteria outlined in Aflac's Political Participation Program. In addition, the Corporate Governance Committee reviews Aflac's Political Activity Report prior to its publication on Aflac's website.

Contribution Policy and Criteria
It is Aflac's policy to maintain an active role in the public policy arena and express its views to legislators and regulators who have a strong interest in issues of significance to the company. Before making any political contribution from its corporate funds, a number of criteria are considered including:

  • the candidate's understanding of and support for the free enterprise system
  • the candidate's demonstrated leadership or potential for leadership, as well as candidate's committee assignments and seniority within Congress or state government
  • the candidate's involvement with and position on isues important to Aflac and/or the insurance industry
  • the likelihood of the candidate's election success

While not exhaustive, the following list represents the type of questions considered before making any political contribution from corporate funds:

  • Is the contribution aligned with the company's values and publicly stated policies, positions, and business objectives?
  • Is the request for the contribution in writing and does it identify the purpose, including the name of the candidate or issue involved?
  • Who has solicited or encouraged the contribution?
  • Who within the company is endorsing it?
  • What is the amount of the proposed contribution?
  • Are any concerns raised by the timing of the contribution request in light of other internal and external activities?

Independent Expenditures
Aflac does not currently have plans to make direct independent expenditures as part of its corporate political contributions program. Should a situation warrant Aflac's making a direct independent expenditure, such decision would be reviewed and approved by a Senior Vice President or higher and disclosed on Aflac's Political Activity Report.

Contributions are publicly disclosed as required by applicable federal and state laws. Federal and state laws require candidate campaign committees, political committees and ballot committees to report the contributions they receive. Aflac PAC is required to publicly disclose receipts and contributions to the Federal Elections Commission, which may be found at www.fec.gov.

In order to promote transparency and accountability regarding Aflac's engagement in political activities, Aflac will generate a Political Activity Report, which will disclose:

  • any contributions made from corporate funds to:
  • political candidates or their committees
  • political parties or their committees
  • ballot measure committees
  • 527 groups, 501(c)(4) groups, and other similar tax-exempt organizations whose primary purpose includes political activities
  • the non-deductible portion of annual payments (including dues and special payments) made by Aflac to trade associations (when the total annual payments exceed $50,000 and to the extent such non-deductible portion is known by Aflac and provided by the trade association)
  • direct independent expenditures

After being reviewed by the Corporate Governance Committee, Aflac will publish its Political Activity Report on Aflac's website at least annually.

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