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DRIP Stock Purchase

Dear Prospective Investor:

Thank you for your interest in the AFL Stock Plan (the “Plan”). As you have requested, please find a prospectus and related enrollment forms for the Plan. To comply with statutory and regulatory provisions of the federal and state securities laws, Scott & Stringfellow, Inc. is providing these materials to you on behalf of Aflac Incorporated.

The Plan provides a package of services designed to make investing in Aflac Incorporated common stock more convenient for participants in the Plan. Please carefully review the enclosed prospectus for complete details.

Participants in the Plan may purchase and sell shares of Aflac Incorporated common stock through the Plan. Scott & Stringfellow, Inc. will effect any open market purchases or sales in ordinary brokerage transactions at the market prices prevailing at the time of the transactions. Negotiated transactions can be executed at negotiated prices relating to prevailing market prices. Scott & Stringfellow, Inc. will receive negotiated brokerage commissions on all such purchases and sales (the sale price to Plan participants will be adjusted to reflect the associated commissions), which commissions will not exceed those customary in such transactions.

Scott & Stringfellow, Inc. is not making any investment recommendation with respect to the common stock of Aflac Incorporated offered through the Plan, nor do we assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the statements made in the enclosed materials, which have been prepared solely by Aflac Incorporated.

Scott & Stringfellow, Inc.